The Legend of sleepy hollow


The Legend of Sleepy Hollow



Washington  Irving




Brom Bones, Baltus Van Tassael, Hans Van Ripper, Ichabod Crane, Katrina Van Tassel


Plot Elements




Ichabod goes to sleepy hollow to be a teacher and you hear some ghost stories

Rising Action


Ichabod basically fight over Katrina because she’s wealthy and life would be easier with her fortunes 




Katrina invited Ichabod to her party and later she dumps him so he leaves and he see the headless horseman and he gets chased by him.



Ichabod disappears and just becomes another one of the ghost stories







The legend of sleepy hollow is about a guy named 

Ichabod a teacher who goes to sleepy hollow new york he doesn’t get paid much. One of his students named Katrina who is eighteen is a beautiful wealthy young lady all the guys in her town want to marry her. Her father Baltus van tassel has a farm which is the reason why they’re wealthy. Ichabod tries to win Katrina over and this other guy tries winning her over too his name is Brom bones he sure likes to pull pranks on people. Sleepy hollow is known to be a haunted town so Brom pulls pranks on Ichabod he trained a dog to follow Ichabod and also filled his school up with smoke. One day Katrina invited Ichabod to a party he’s leaves this party and it was very dark and he passed by major Andre’s he then sees some kind of figure and was very scared he tried to ignore it but then it starts to follow him on his path and realizes it has no head which was the headless horseman a guy who died a long time ago who loss his head in the war supposedly haunted the town, the headless figure through his head at Ichabod and he fell and no saw Ichabod the next morning and everyone in the town was looking for him it was rumored that Brom did this others thought it was the headless horseman.






Analysis & 






I really liked this book it was good thriller story I definitely will be reading this book again in the future.






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